Waking up early to attend school or college on a Monday morning is probably the most dreaded dream of every student. We always get the thought of skipping classes and getting some extra sleep but, the thought vanishes as soon as we try calculating our Attendance percentage and realize that we might be lagging on the minimum percentage mark. Some students who are not lazy enough, try to track their attendance on the back of their all-in-one notebook or by using any notes app. But it all fails after some time due to the frustration of doing so many calculations. Keeping track of subject-wise attendance and calculating the percentage to predict how many hours they can SKIP isn’t easy. And at some point, we all end up dreaming of having an Attendance Manager application to help us in doing so.

And so, this is what made us come up with a solution. We built a revolutionary application that helps you to track your attendance, view statistics, and much more! SKip has been developed keeping in mind the variations of academic criteria of various schools and colleges. To do so, we have conducted a wide range of surveys involving students from various geographical locations. SKip — The Attendance Manager app thus helps you to track your progress with ease and bunk classes easily.

SKip: Attendance Manager Features

Using SKip is a very easy and painless process. A student can set the minimum attendance percentage which they would like to maintain. Based on the course, the subjects are then auto-suggested and can easily be added from the dashboard. Then the process becomes quite easy and would require a minute’s time daily to update and track your attendance. The students can log attendance daily or for any past date which then updates their attendance percentage for each subject.

One of the specialties of SKip is that it predicts for you the number of classes you can bunk keeping in mind your minimum percentage criteria. If you have a predefined number of classes, then you can add the number of classes and it will predict based on that. So that you don’t have to attend extra classes and sleep peacefully.

For ease, SKip displays the data in the dashboard for the respective subjects and the overall data too. Students can view their detailed stats using — “View Stats“. The subject’s attendance can also be updated directly by using the Present/Bunked option available for the subject on the dashboard.

The application is flexible enough. If by chance you make a mistake of marking a subject wrong or extra, you can easily undo it from the Options or by using the Historical Data tab. The tab also helps in checking the logged attendance using a calendar view for any given date.

SKip: Attendance Manager Features

SKip also helps its users maintain Multiple Profiles. By using this, students can keep track of their Friend’s Attendance or keep different semester’s attendance separately. Thus each profile becomes less crowded and more readable.

With Instagram, WhatsApp, and numerous other apps giving the users option for Dark Mode, we are no behind in it. SKip comes in with a Dark Mode for the users which can be toggled easily from the Settings.

We also do realize that there are various scenarios in which the person ends up deleting the application or something goes wrong. To tackle that issue, we have a Backup And Restore option available for users to backup their data and keep it safe. When backing up, there’s also an option to Email the backup file and keep it safe. The restore process is easy and simple wherein the user just has to browse the file and select it. The Attendance Manager application handles the rest. In the background, we have an automatic backup running every 12 hours so that even if you miss to backup, we are there for you!

SKip: Attendance Manager Features

We know that students would want to keep their certificates, OD letters, Medical certificates for a long time and there’s an option to do it easily. So, store those documents and they will be available for you to view later on.

From our survey, we also understood that some colleges divide attendance into multiple slots. Students are then required to meet the minimum attendance criteria for each slot too. Thus in SKip, we have added the option to maintain slots and split the attendance into multiple slots.

Sometimes students get too busy and they might forget to log their attendance. In that case, we have a reminder system too. The students can set the frequency and SKip would alert them to log the attendance. Thus you never miss logging attendance and then getting lost in your record.

To make it much easier, the students can create a timetable for each day and add subjects for the day. It also makes the logging process incredibly easy and convenient. Thus, it would take less than 10 seconds to mark the attendance for the day which makes the application very convenient and easy to use.

And last but not the least, do not worry about any memory issues. We do know and understand that most of the students use low-end smartphones and they end up having little to no space on their device. So don’t worry! SKip application takes a mere 4 MB of your device’s memory only!!

Attendance Manager Features Summarized –

  • Easy and super smooth UI.
  • Track attendance easily.
  • Important Statistics about attendance.
  • Prediction on the number of classes to bunk.
  • Dark Theme to ease for the night warriors.
  • Multiple Profiles to track multiple friends’ attendance.
  • Reminders so that you never miss to update.
  • Historical View to view attendance day-wise.
  • Time Table View so that attendance can be logged easily.
  • Documents storage for letters and certificates.
  • Maintain slots so that attendance can be maintained for each slot.

We are not stopping here. This is just the initial release of SKip. We will respond positively to students and people’s responses and suggestions, to make SKip more useable and easy.

And also note that Skip is ABSOLUTELY FREE and WITHOUT ADS!! So what are you waiting for? Join us by trying out the Attendance Manager app! Come use SKip and let us Skip & Kip!

SKip is available on the Play Store. Click here to download the app now! We would love your review and suggestions :).

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On the Engineering side, we have a few articles written on how we added unique features and tried improving the User Experience. Do have a read if you would like to learn and implement them –

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