Varun Dwarkani

Hi, there! 👋

I am Varun Dwarkani
Software Engineer

I have a passion to know how and why the universe was created

I am a Tech-Enthusiast and I am always eager to learn new technologies and put them into practice. Primarily I’ve been learning Android Development but I have also been expanding my scope of knowledge to ASP .NET Core, MySQL, Java Backend, React, and others.

I am a self-taught developer but in my journey, I found a few mentors who helped me with their knowledge and expertise. I started this blog so that I can help share my knowledge and understanding and give it back to society.

I’ve worked on some interesting and challenging projects. For instance, I was able to scale an Android Gaming application to 300k users just within 3 months of its launch, and the tech-supported me quite well there. I’ve also worked with Startups to help reach the audience by taking up Digital Campaigns for them. Having said that, I am still a novice Digital Marketer and trying to learn more about it.

In this blog, I’ll be writing on various development aspects and the best techniques I’ve followed and learned over the years.

Also, I’ll be glad to connect with you all and we can help each other grow. Please feel free to reach out to me –

Play Store – https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Dwarsoft+Games
Tech Bloghttps://codewithvarun.com/
Email IDvarundwarkani10@gmail.com

On a side note, I am always up for Table Tennis or a Chess match and discussions on Historical Stuff ;).