There are many instances where we want to screen mirror our phones or tablets directly onto our machines to demonstrate the project we are working on during meetings or presentations. But most of the time, we go on hunting at the last minute for such software and do not find any which is quick and easy to set up and run. I, myself was going through the same when I stumbled upon ‘Scrcpy’. Scrcpy provides a quick and easy application to screen mirror your Android device without any root access to the devices. It supports Windows, macOS & Linux-based machines.

Here’s a quick guide to install, run the Scrcpy application and screen mirror your device.

Steps To Run Scrcpy

Step 1

Prerequisites –

  • We will have to enable USB Debugging on our device from the Developers Option settings before we can run Scrcpy.
  • Open Scrcpy and download the zip file for Windows and extract it. If you are on Linux, you can use – apt install scrcpy and for macOS you can use – brew install scrcpy.

Step 2

Navigate to the /scrcpy directory and run scrcpy command after connecting the device with your system. Tada! You can now see your Android device screen directly in your system without any lag or quality loss.

Note – If you get any error with adb push cannot run, try removing the ADB from your Environmental Path or add it’s full path with directory and it will start working!

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