In this busy world, we generally don’t find time for doing or reading things we love. We have our busy daily routine performing our tasks and getting exhausted by the end of the day. I had a similar story of mine but did come over it by using this amazing application-One News.

About One News-

I always want to stay updated with current affairs and read all kinds of news and happenings around the world but I am not able to do that and the reason is that I do not find the time. My busy schedule involving college, work, assignments, and others stop me from doing so. While I always wondered to read updates in a short and crisp manner, I did not find any source of doing so. The general websites or applications are not so user-friendly and elaborate on the content a lot. I only understand the content when I spend nearly 2–3 minutes reading the article which makes me irritated at times or bored with others.

Recently, I came across an application that helps me read all the important news from around the world within 3 minutes. I used to spend 3 minutes reading every news and now in 3 minutes, I can read all the news saving up a lot of my time and staying updated like never before.

App Screens

I do not have to worry about getting the news before it’s too late as the application provides the latest information always. While I am away at work but find time to read the messages through notifications, this application sends out important news notifications with a simple image in just 15 words. By spending just 10 seconds, I understand the important and recent happenings from around the world without even opening the application. The best part is that the application does not work as a clickbait asking the users to open the application every now and then. It provides important content in the notification itself thus I am not forced to even unlock my device many times.

The notification is not generalized. I get to choose what type of notifications I want to receive from various categories. It provides news from various topics from around the world.


While I can go on and on about the application, the most important features which I liked in the very first impression was —

a. A lightweight application which is just 2 MB. All those Xiaomi users can now install the application without getting the Google Playstore warning on low storage.

b. Simple and Sleek UI/UX.

c. Offline reading capability — Now I can read the news without having to be online. It does not occupy more than 50 MB of my phone storage while other famous applications use up to 500 MB.

d. Night Mode to not strain my eyes at night.

e. Read News from different languages and categories — Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Politics, and more.

f. Hands-Free Mode — The application allows the users to listen to the news without scrolling through.

g. Bookmarks — The important ones can be saved to read later.

App Screens

h. Share — The application allows the users to share the news they find which are interesting with their friends & family on various platforms.

i. Read the entire news from the official source to get more insights on the news.

j. Read news from various Newspapers ranging in 14 languages and 4 categories consisting of 1000+ Newspapers with multiple controls — Zoom, Load faster, Add as favorites, Share the article and add their own newspaper.

k. Videos — The application also has a video section which adds useful and funny videos from different language and categories.

App Screens

That’s not it. The cherry on the topic is their premium notification which appeals to the eyes when looked through the notification panel and understands the news very easily.

One News - Notifications

Introducing One News — The All In One Sleek and Simple News App.

Android users can download the application from —

If you like the application, give us a heads up on Product Hunt  here.

On the Engineering side, we have a few articles written on how we added unique features and tried improving the User Experience. Do have a read if you would like to learn and implement them –

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